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Artisan Fine Jewelry

What is a artisan fine jewelry? It is a handcrafted, meaningful piece of artistic, movable jewelry that allows you make a statement at a special event or pause and reflect on precious memories in your life.  Whether it is evening jewelry worn for a special occasion or simple jewelry celebrating a milestone, each piece of ladies fine jewelry is its own unique experience.

High End Handmade Jewelry

Welcome to Melissa Smith Design. I offer artisan fine jewelry in special limited collections or personalized custom commissions. Every artistic, meaningful piece is made from a recently invented kinetic jewelry design that is new to the jewelry world.


Each one is exclusively handcrafted and contains special “gems” that flow inside a fluid filled center. It is one-of-a-kind jewelry for her that is meant to be experienced. Would you like to learn more about the design?

Artisan Jewelry

Do you need showstopper jewelry for a gala, prom or special event? Are you a bride seeking unique keepsake jewelry for that “just say yes” dress or searching for classy bridesmaid and mom gifts? Look no further. Are you celebrating an upcoming milestone birthday or anniversary? Check out my artistic jewelry collections.

Jewelry Commissions

Whether you need a custom-made necklace to perfectly accessorize that special occasion dress or have a story you’d like to recreate in jewelry, I can help you bring that unique, movable piece to life. Click to see how easily the commission process can help you relive a personal memory or make you the star of the show.

About the Design

What is so unique about this jewelry design? 


One word describes it most…Movement! The newly developed kinetic design features a unique, fluid-filled window with special “gems” that appear to be floating inside. That’s just the beginning! Every piece has symbolic meaning and a unique artisan design too. Click to see the special flowing movement and learn more about meanings and artistry.

About the Designer

Many nostalgic memories come to mind when I create art. As a child crafting unique art pieces from reflective glass and mirror found in my Dad’s glazier shop, I enjoyed simply playing with glass fragments and arranging them, not realizing I was developing various design techniques.


Learning different crafts from treasured family members is among my fondest memories too. Creating art felt as natural to me as breathing.  It was such a great adventure for a child's active imagination and sentimental soul. It never occurred to me then that someday I’d be exploring and developing more sophisticated grownup designs.

Melissa Smith Design 2021 - Portrait with water.jpg

"She absolutely loved it and was so surprised!"

Larry B - Oklahoma

Do You have Questions?

I have Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is each jewelry piece one of a kind?

Yes. You have a unique story, and each piece is uniquely designed to represent that special story.

  • How long does it take?

Pieces can take 4-5 weeks to create. Conversing with me and choosing a final design gets your special creation added to the list. (If you have an emergency deadline that requires it sooner, please make that known in our initial visit so that possible options can be discussed.)


  • How much does it cost?

Though my website shows a range of prices, personalized pendant costs may vary in order to capture the vision that makes the pendant uniquely you.


  • What is so unique about your jewelry design?

This newly developed design showcases a window feature - a unique, see-through, fluid-filled section of the necklace pendant. The window houses a treasured memento, gemstone, or bead that “floats” in the liquid section. The floating “gem” represents a treasured memory in your life that has sentimental value. When the necklace is moved, the item appears to gently sway in a wave-like pattern.

Ladies Fine Jewelry

Melissa Smith Design 2021 - Gold Crystal

"I think your work is so innovative and unique. An amazing piece of artwork to be treasured next to my heart."

Irene H. - Wisconsin

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