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Martha's Secret

Black Obsidian and Gold Geode Necklace

jewelry stories - Gold Crystal and Black Obisidian Geode w Rock background - Melissa Smith

"What a beautiful, loving tribute to Martha, the best woman I have ever known. Your work shines with love."

Judy D. - Oklahoma

Martha was a strong, classy lady.


She had nine children and outlived several husbands. Though she was not wealthy in earthly riches, Martha was treasured by all and had a wealth of wisdom and love for her family.


Martha's first husband died young, leaving her a young widow with eight children to raise on a small farm during the Great Depression.  Although she possessed great inner strength, she nonetheless could become overwhelmed  with the great responsibilities and burdens she faced.

To have a moment to herself, she would take a daily walk out to a nearby pond.  On particularly bad days, she would later admit, she even considered jumping into that pond.  She never did...  

But Martha had discovered a secret: Those daily, quiet walks created a moment for her, a moment to reflect, a moment to rejuvinate, a moment she needed, to return home to be the strong mother and role model her children depended upon.  

How can Martha's story be transformed into a piece of jewelry that honors her memory?

Let's look at the colors first. Gold represents riches and wealth. White is for purity. Black is known for strength and style.

The Black Obsidian gemstone is known for its strength and was considered more valuable than gold in some ancient cultures.

A geode is a rock with a hard, protective outer wall that has weathered many storms. It contains beautiful crystals  inside, which grow after a sudden change in pressure or temperature.

The Black Obsidian Geode Necklace has gold crystal beads and black obsidian gemstones, forming a geode-style pattern on a white pearlescent base. Gems and beads sway in the clear liquid pendant window to honor the strength, wealth and beauty of this treasured Lady.

Stories about Jewels

Amber's Passion

Ruby Cubes Crystal Necklace

Amber is a determined, strong and passionate gal. She loves to travel and try new things. To her, life is an adventure that is meant to be lived without fear.


We are often attracted to colors that complement us, and that is definitely the case with Amber. Her favorite color is ruby red. When she wears it, her pretty brown eyes and olive complexion glow.


Though her birthstone is the diamond, Amber’s favorite gemstone is ruby. Most of her jewelry contains red rubies and sterling silver.

Since childhood, Amber has had a stubborn determination and zeal for life along with a strong sense of responsibility. It has served her well.  She's had to overcame many challenges along the way, facing each one head-on.

As a young, twenty-something mother, Amber lost her father. Being a daddy’s girl made this loss even more difficult. Amber responsibly powered through and was the rock of support in the midst of her family's grief.

How can Amber’s story be translated into a necklace? Let’s look at some of the symbolism in her life.

A ruby signifies love, passion, wisdom, beauty, power. In fact, the ruby is often considered to be more rare and valuable than diamonds.

Red is a color of determination, energy, passion, strength, ambition and action. Black is associated with power.

A column serves as a support and carries the load of a building. Cubes are symbolic of stability and represent the final stage of a cycle of immobility.

The name "Amber" means "fierce."

The Ruby Cubes necklace is adorned with ruby and clear crystal cubes. They are stacked and floating in a water-like, clear-column shaped window. It is set against a stunning black ivory base with sterling silver chain and accents. This jewelry embodies the strength, passion, ambition and fierce determination of this adventurous and bold woman.

jewelry stories - Ruby Cubes Necklace on rock -Melissa Smith 2021.jpg

"Beautiful and such a testimony to a strong and special lady"

Sharon G. - Oklahoma

jewelry stories - Sunkissed turquoise nugget drop necklace - Melissa Smith Design 2021.jpg

Wendy's Journey

Turquoise Nugget Drop Necklace

"Oh my goodness! I was so surprised when I received the gift in the mail. I was speechless! I have worn it almost everyday since then."
                                Wendy P. - Oklahoma

What would you do if you were a mother of four young children and found out you had cancer?


Wendy, her husband and four boys enjoyed a very busy life. In addition to running a rural Oklahoma farm, the couple homeschooled the children and supported their activities. They also led a college ministry that helps students feel more at home while being away at school - with home-cooked meals in family type gatherings.


In the fall of 2018, Wendy’s life changed suddenly when she was diagnosed with cancer. She began cancer treatments in Arizona starting with a six week stay which included being away from her children.

At the time, if you had asked Wendy who had the most outgoing personality between she and her husband, she would have easily said it was Brad, her spouse.


However, she found herself in a new environment at the treatment center in challenging circumstances. She needed hope, courage, strength and joy to fight this battle and found herself relying on an ever-growing faith. She found a new peace and calm that was not only encouraging to her but also a bright light to other patients and the clinic staff too.


The pandemic caused Wendy’s check-ups to be delayed. In the fall of 2020, she learned there had been a slight relapse. In December she went back for treatments only to be isolated after discovering she had covid. She endured loneliness in addition to fighting another health battle but once again came out stronger than her foe. That inner peace and strength made her even more committed to helping others during their trials.


Wendy and her husband chose to share this journey publicly – the good, the bad and the ugly. They also dedicated themselves to help others during challenging health battles. To all that know them, their story has been a symbol of hope and encouragement during a very trying season of life.


The meaningful Turquoise Nugget drop necklace was inspired by Wendy. It has a silver ringed round center window containing a floating turquoise nugget surrounded by a black oval pendant.


Silver is a sign of elegance, grace and wealth. The turquoise nugget represents luxury, wealth and success while the turquoise color signifies wisdom, friendship, patience, love, loyalty, calm, sophistication and refreshment. A circle is a being without end. The name, Wendy, means friend or blessed ring and a wanderer in the footsteps of the Lord.


The necklace is a great depiction of Wendy’s determination and strength as she travels along this journey.

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