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About Design

What is so special about this unique jewelry design?

One word describes it most…Movement! It is a newly invented kinetic jewelry design. And that’s just the beginning! Each piece has symbolic meaning and a unique artisan design too.


The newly developed design features a unique, fluid filled window with special “gems” that appear to be floating inside.  When the necklace moves, the gems begin to gently sway inside the window like ocean waves, moving back and forth. The window mirrors the relaxing water movement and feelings of a lazy summer day at the beach.

How was this idea birthed?

One early morning, I woke up to a blurry image of a unique pendant in my mind. As time went on, I saw clearer pictures of the necklace and realized there was nothing out there like it.

​After nine months of trial and error, this one-of-a-kind kinetic jewelry was born and continues to evolve today. 

What is design to You


Another part of every jewelry design is meaning. Each gemstone, shape, color and metal has meaning that adds to it's personalized  uniqueness. For instance, a red ruby necklace pendant set in a  round fine silver setting represents:

* Red:   strength, power, determination, passion, love and desire

* Ruby:  wisdom, beauty, power, passion and love. Celebrated as the July birthstone and for 15 and 40 year anniversaries


* Circle:  the divine and a being without end

* Silver:  value, emotion, sensitivity and mystery

Combine all the symbolism together and it represents a very meaningful, personalized piece of custom jewelry.  

about design - silver looped necklace - melissa smith design.jpg


Each piece of artisan fine jewelry is crafted by hand one-piece-at-a-time.  No dies or molds are used so even standard shapes take on their own personalized ambiance.


The pendant setting and window, which highlights the floating "gems", has its own unique complimentary design. As a result, each piece has a special artistic flair and is uniquely different from other pieces of jewelry - even within the same collection. 

At Melissa Smith Design, my jewelry is very unconventional. From the newly invented movement element to the shape, color, metal and floating gems, it has its own unique meaning. Add to it a special attention to handcrafted artistic design and you have the opportunity for a most unique jewelry experience.

What is design in art

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