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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Domestic Shipping

All domestic freight costs are priced by package size and weight. Larger items are calculated and invoiced before package is shipped. All shipping costs include insurance based on the product cost.


Please allow 1-3 days for packaging. Professionals will package larger items to ensure your shipment arrives safely. Shipping costs are subject to change with no prior notice. 

Package Size  /  Shipping Cost  /  Carrier  /  Average Ship Time     

Small  -  $15.50  /  USPS Priority Mail  /  1-3 days

Medium  -  $21.00  /  USPS Priority Mail  /  1-3 days

Large  -  $26.50  /  USPS Priority Mail  /  1-3 days

Inv at Ship  -  To be determined at ship time using best carrier.  A separate freight invoice will be sent for payment before the package ships.


Note:   I am happy to ship gifts directly to the recipient. Shipping costs will be based on the recipient’s address (at above pricing).

Foreign Shipping

Shipping has not been set up for foreign countries, but I am very willing to ship products outside of the USA. Each country has their own guidelines for items shipping into the country. A country's regulations must be reviewed to see if my products qualify to ship to your country.  

Example:  Canada limits jewelry imported into the country to a value of $50 USD or less. My jewelry does not meet those guidelines so it cannot ship to Canada.

If you live outside of the USA and are interested in purchasing my designs, please contact me to make a request. I am happy to check the guidelines for your country to see if your requested product can legally ship there. If it can ship to Your country, I’ll find the best way to ship directly to you and provide a freight estimate. All shipping, import taxes, additional duties and fees are the customer’s responsibility.

Returns or Damage

Since most of my custom designs are made-to-order, there is a no return policy.


Great care is taken to ship products in a safe manner, but sometimes unforeseen shipping damage may occur. If your purchase has freight damage, please take pictures of the damaged packaging and affected product areas and notify me within 5 days after receipt. We can then work together towards a satisfactory solution.

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