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Jewelry Story Ideas

Bring Your Stories to Life

Stories about Jewels

Story ideas to honor special people and events in your life: 


  • A tiny lock of hair brings back images of your grown child’s toddler days.

  • An amethyst reminds you of the loving mother who always encouraged you.

  • A pebble from the highest peak signifies conquering that huge mountain.

  • A sterling ball portrays that special dad who always took time to play catch. 

  • A musical note commemorates “our song."

  • A sapphire represents the wisdom imparted by those who raised you.

  • That perfect beach outing is represented by a shell.

  • A ruby forever memorializes that unforgettable wedding day.

  • A sun reflects that first morning of your dream vacation.

  • A tiny piece of cloth or thread personifies that quilt-making grandmother who covered you with love.

  • A pearl memorializes that devoted loved one who stayed with you during sickness and in health.

Need more inspiration?  Go to our Jewelry Stories page where every piece of jewelry tells a story.

What's Your Story?

Contact me today to discuss how your unique, custom jewelry design can come to life.

jewelry story ideas - melissa smith design 2021.jpg
jewelry story ideas - Gold Crystal and Black Obisidian Geode necklace - Melissa Smith Desi

Inspired Designs

Jewelry with a Story

For more inspired designs, read about "Martha's Secret" and the Black Obsidian and Gold Geode Necklace.

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