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Custom Jewelry Questions

Do you have questions? I have answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is each jewelry piece one of a kind?

Yes. You have a unique story, and each piece of jewelry is uniquely designed to represent that special story.


  • How long does it take?

Pieces can take 4-5 weeks to create. Conversing with me and choosing a final design gets your special creation added to the list. (If you have an emergency deadline which requires it sooner, please make that known in our initial visit so possible options can be discussed.)


  • How much does it cost?

Though my website shows a range of prices, personalized pendant costs may vary in order to capture the vision that makes the pendant uniquely you.


  • What is so unique about your jewelry design?

This newly developed design showcases a window feature: a unique, see-through, fluid-filled section of the necklace pendant. The window houses a treasured memento, gemstone, or bead that “floats” in the liquid section. The floating “gem” represents a treasured memory in your life that has sentimental value. As the necklace moves, the item appears to gently sway in a wave-like pattern.

  • Can I furnish a personal memento to go inside the pendant?

Absolutely. Yes! Personal keepsakes capture your memories best. We can discuss the proposed personal items in our initial visit.

  • Which personal keepsakes are best used as a floating gem?

To showcase your vision, please carefully consider size, surface and color.

Size:  The windows are fairly small, so the personal gem should be about 5 mm wide by 4 mm deep. The height can be slightly taller. (Gem sizes also vary, depending on the chosen window design.)

Surface:  Gemstones, glass, metal, and other nonporous items work well. Porous items such as hair, fabric, or paper can be used but must be sealed beforehand. Powdered items should be made into a hard form first.  (I am happy to seal and form items once they arrive.)

Color:  For the best effect, the gem color should contrast with its background. On a dark pendant with a clear window, bold-colored items make great additions. Bold colors include dark shades such as black, red, navy, brown, fuchsia and others. White, silver or other lightly colored pendants nicely enhance medium- to light-colored gems like amethyst, turquoise, yellow. etc. If the inside window has color, the treasure should contrast. An example would be a white pearl in a black window.


  • What personal keepsakes are not suitable in the window?

Liquid, colorless or historical items may not be ideal.

Liquid:  Liquids would not be the best window option, but a workaround may be possible depending on the color or content.

Colorless:  Clear diamonds, glass, or beads disappear in the window. They will not make an impact unless combined with brightly colored gems or are encased in a metal or colored setting.

Historical:  Because items within the pendant cannot be retrieved without destroying the necklace, historical pieces you want to preserve or keep elsewhere should not be used as a floating gem. However, a copier can accurately reproduce historical documents, pictures, or fabric which will hold their color after being sealed. 


  • What if I change my mind about the design after plans are finalized?

I want you to be thrilled with your personalized pendant, so please contact me with any proposed changes within a week after plans are finalized and deposit is submitted. We will discuss the option of changes at that time, along with price and time estimate variations. After this time period passes, I cannot guarantee that changes can be made to your custom design.

  • How do I care for my necklace?

Care for your necklace like a delicate baby.

*  Shine the window with a soft cloth only – no harsh chemicals.

*  Avoid extended direct sunlight to prevent sunburn.

*  Store in velvet sleeve to prevent scratching from other hard objects.

Collaborating together, we can easily bring your treasured memory to life in a personalized pendant that is a special reflection of You!

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Custom Handmade Jewelry

Unique designs just for You

"Wow! I love them."

Cassandra P. - North Carolina

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Custom Jewelry Process

Do you have more questions about the custom design process?

Contact me today to discover how easy it is to commission  unique, custom jewelry.

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