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About Designer

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Melissa Smith
Jewelry Designer

About the Designer

Many nostalgic memories come to mind when I create art. As a child crafting unique art pieces from reflective glass and mirror found in my Dad’s glazier shop, I enjoyed simply playing with glass fragments and arranging them, not realizing I was developing various design techniques.


Learning different crafts from treasured family members is among my fondest memories too. Creating art felt as natural to me as breathing.  It was such a great adventure for a child's active imagination and sentimental soul. It never occurred to me then that someday I’d be exploring and developing more sophisticated grownup designs.

After years of setting aside creativity, my art style transitioned into acrylic painting and epoxy resin art. Fast- forward to today, when a new design idea became a reflective finished piece of Jewelry - complete with moving parts.

From unique glass art creations to sentimental glass-like necklaces, I’ve come full circle in my creative journey. As much as I love capturing precious memories from my past, I really look forward to seeing your treasured moments come to life – one story at a time.

What is the main role of a designer?

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about designer - three gold accent necklaces Melissa Smith Design - Golden Trio Necklaces.

"Wow! These are awesome!"
Molly V. - Wisconsin

Types of designer

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What's Your Story?

Contact me today to discuss how your unique, custom jewelry design can come to life.

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