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Jewelry Commissions

Easier than You might think

Commission Custom Jewelry

Steps to the Design Process

What's Your Story?

Bringing your story to life is easier than you might imagine…

The most exciting part of the process is deciding which memory to capture.  (Click for Story Ideas). My role is to help you bring that memory to life. Let’s create a unique necklace that visually illustrates that treasured story.


In just these few steps, Your personal experience will become a special reflection of you!


  • Decide on the perfect story memory.

  • Go through the premade necklaces on my website and select a picture of one you like. This will help us pinpoint your vision.

  • We will visit by Zoom, email, phone, or in person to discuss your ideas and selection.

  • After I email you two mock-up designs with price/time estimates, you send back your final selection and approval.

  • Decide which pendant design best reflects your memory and submit a 50% deposit along with any personal memento that will go into the pendant.

  • Creation of your one-of-a-kind design begins.

  • Upon completion, I’ll contact you online or by email so you can view the final pendant.

  • Send the balance of payment for your personalized pendant, and I will ship your precious memory to you.


Need more answers? Check out the frequently asked questions. Wow! You now have an amazing pendant as perfectly unique as You!

Cute Jewelry

jewelry commissions - Design Process Brown Goldstone Geode Necklace - melissa smith design
jewelry commissions - Design Process Gold Ringed Obsidian Necklace - melissa smith design

Moveable and Meaningful

jewelry commissions - ocean bead necklace - melissa smith design 2021.jpg

"So unique!
Love your new pieces."
Elizabeth L. - Connecticut

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